i'm Andrew hendrix

If you want to learn more about my film work and what I can do for you, then you’re in the right place.

i'm andrew hendrix

If you want to learn more about my film work and what I can do for you, then you’re in the right place.

My name is Andrew Hendrix

I'm a cinematographer, Music Video Director,
and owner of circulatory cinema in Brooklyn.

I began college as a pre-med student and finished with a film degree. After that I moved from Phoenix to Brooklyn, where I’ve been making a name for myself ever since. Now I’m an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for creating stunning imagery and distinguished visual stories. I thrive on finding efficient solutions for seemingly insurmountable challenges on set and in the editing room, and I approach my craft with diligence and a relentless pursuit for excellence.

If you own a phone, then there’s a chance you’ve seen my work. Content that I’ve shot has shipped in over 1 billion devices in the form of preloaded content and how-to videos to teach you how to use your new phone. That includes all Samsung flagship devices from 2012-2015.

Over the years I’ve worked on productions at every level, from music videos to feature films and live broadcasts. I’ve shot and edited videos for an array of clients including Google, Intel, Samsung, NASA, Twitter, YouTube, Budweiser, The New York Times, NYU, Penguin Publishing, Timberland, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The National Kidney Foundation, and The Marfan Foundation, some of which have featured recognizable personalities such as DrLupo, Alec Baldwin, Ben Stiller, and the Pope.

I care a lot about my work, especially about the details. And that’s exactly what I’ll bring to your project. I’m open to any concept, any place, and at any scale.

Shooting outside of New York? Sounds good to me, because I’m also an avid traveler. I love seeing new places and exploring different cultures. So far I’ve been lucky enough to shoot on 5 different continents and I’m dying to see those last two. So if you’re filming an amateur race across Australia or documenting your passage into the unknown regions of Antarctica, then drop me a line and let’s bring those projects to life!

Directed by Andrew Hendrix Cinematography by Andrew Hendrix Produced by Circulatory Cinema

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